We’re On “Kitty Carter Time”!

1 Jun

It’s crunch time for our annual Spring Revue! Our big annual show will be at 5:30pm at McFarlin Auditorium (on SMU Campus) on Friday June 13th.

Early registration for Fall 2014 – Wednesday, July 2nd 10am-noon and 4pm -8pm

Sunday, August 10th – 10am-noon and 4pm-8pm

CLASSES begin August, 18th. 

KCDF Alum Everywhere

31 Oct

What a week it has been! On Sunday, our very own Robin Chapman Mack’s Studio M dancers performed “Thriller” during the Cowboys halftime show while our Olivia Carter performed as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. On Monday, several of us met Justin Bieber because alum Kaili Bright is dancing on his tour. And then, Tuesday, we sat in awe as we watched our Katie Schaar perform an incredible number choreographed by alum Nick Florez for Macy’s Stars of Dance on Dancing With The Stars. What a week it has been. And it’s only Wednesday.


10 Aug

Welcome to Kitty Carter’s Dance Factory!  To start off on the right foot, please review the following so you won’t miss a beat. For instant updates like us http://www.facebook.com/kittycartersdancefactory

Classes start on Monday, August 20th, 2012

I. Attire Guidelines

Girls (ages 3-5)

Any age appropriate leotard and suntan tights. Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Replace black ribbons with black elastic in tap shoes to reduce tying shoes. To avoid slipping, have rubber put on the bottom of tap shoes. (optional)

Boys (ages 3-5):

Shorts, t-shirt, warm-ups, black tap shoes and black ballet shoes.

Girls (ages 6 & up):

Ballet – classical black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes with elastic. Hair in a bun. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Jazz or Tap – Any color of leotard, tights or half tights (must be worn under attire always), bike shorts, dance pants or sweats. Your child must have appropriate shoes for each class. Hair needs to be worn up and out of face. No t-shirts, shorts, thongs or belly buttons showing allowed in class.

Hip-HopClean surface separate pair of tennis shoes and baggy pants may be worn for hip-hop class only. Hair needs to be out of your face.

Boys (ages 6 & up):

Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Hip-Hop – shorts, t-shirt, warm-ups, black ballet shoes, black tap shoes or black jazz shoes.

a. No long shirts below hips or baggy shorts allowed.

b. A cover-up must be worn to and from the studio at all times (even during warm weather). This is for your protection.

c. All dance wear and shoes should have names in them before your first class, so if lost they can be returned to you. Please don’t wear dance shoes on outside pavement.

II. Payment Structure

We accept cash, checks, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Visa Cards

A $70.00 registration fee per student is due upon enrollment.

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. A $15.00 late fee will be automatically charged after the 15th of each month. A $25.00 charge for all returned checks…you are responsible to pick up the returned cash and then pay cash for what is owed. *The monthly tuition rate remains the same September – May, although the number of lessons received may vary from month to month. August tuition is ½ of the regular tuition and is to be paid with the enrollment fee and September payment. June tuition is ½ of the regular tuition and is to be paid with the May payment.

****Costumes may be held until accounts are cleared****

*Because tuition is based on 4 lessons per month, in a 5 week month the 5th lesson will be free: because of this, on holidays there will be NO cut in tuition. There will be no cut in tuition because of an illness or missed classes due to vacation time or personal reasons. Parents should notify the office when a class has been added or dropped, otherwise you will still be charged. Please put your child’s name on the memo line of your check and what payment you are making. This will be a big help to our office. ALL MONIES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!

III. Visitation

We have a viewing window in studio A. The other classroom doors remain open on most days.

IV. Holidays

We follow most of the Richardson I.S.D. schedule for holidays and will be closed accordingly. This does not include teacher in-service days. If you have any doubts, please call.

Labor Day – Sept. 3rd

Thanksgiving – Nov. 22nd to 25th

Christmas – Dec. 24th to Jan.1st

Spring Break – March 112th to 15th


V. Performances

Listed below is a tentative schedule of performances throughout the year. We will notify you as soon as dates and times have been scheduled so that you may make arrangements. Please Note: Not all students will participate in every show. Christmas Mall Shows, Small Industrials, Cowboy Halftime (Thanksgiving).

Pictures –

Usually the week before recital at regular class times. Students/parent ONLY. NO siblings. Please do not add to our chaos.

Dress Rehearsal: Always the day before our show. June 13th, 2013 at McFarlin Auditorium on the SMU campus.

Recital: Your chance to bring family and friends to see your child perform in a professional show. June 14th, 2013

Please plan accordingly. It’s very hard on our teachers and students having to restage and learn new places after months of practice.

A recital fee of $80.00 per student is payable on or before February 15th. This is a non-refundable fee.

VI. Costume Fees

For the recital, a costume for each subject studied will be required. Remember: Costume money is non-refundable!!! Costume fees are due by December 1st but you must pay ½ of the costume payment by December and the remainder by February 1st. You may make monthly or weekly installments if needed so that it will not hit you so hard right at Christmas time. All costume fees must be paid by February 1st. (The age of your child for ordering the costume will be their age as of December 1st.)

Ages 3 -5 yrs. $45.00 per child per subject**

Ages 6 – 9 yrs. $60.00 per child per subject**

Ages 10 – and up $75.00 per child per subject

All boys costumes under the age 6 will be $45.00 per subject (Unless teacher suggest otherwise) Most of the time we choose street clothes to blend with girls. No costume fee for hip-hop…usually just street clothes.

**If your child measures an adult size, she will be charged for an adult costume.

You may be asked at recital time to paint your child’s shoes a color to compliment his/her costume or to purchase extra accessories such as ribbons for shoes, wrists or hair at your own expense. Hosiery is not included with costume fees. We take PRIDE in our show: we hope you will do the same. We will measure for costumes before our Christmas break. Please make sure your child is always in attendance.

VII. Attendance

Because of the many busy schedules of our students, class attendance may become a problem. Please remember that your child’s absence affects the class as a whole. It is for this reason that any child missing more than two week’s consecutively, can be dropped from the class. This will not include any serious illnesses, or family emergencies. However, if you choose to drop a class, it is your responsibility to let the office know so that you are not billed.***Failure to let the office know will result in you being responsible for half of your last month’s tuition.

Note: Pictures will be taken the first week of June, at the studio during class time where we will have our photographer pose the students to get good single and group pictures. There will also be a costume inspection by teachers at this time to help cut down on confusion at our rehearsals.

Feel free to call us at any time to discuss problems or ask questions. Please do not take another child’s time by talking with us between classes. We will be glad to call you at the end of our day. 214-349-7916 or email us at


We sincerely hope you and your child enjoy your experience at the Dance Factory this year.

Many thanks,

Kitty Chapman Carter & Staff

ONE FINAL NOTE: Kitty Carter’s Dance Factory cannot be responsible for any injuries, accidents, or lost or stolen articles in the studio at any time.

A Teacher’s Payback

18 Jun

A teacher’s payback is the success of her students in any area that they pursue. This week has been extra special. We just finished KCDF’s 33rd Revue; our very own Robin Chapman Mack completed her 6th Revue with her Studio M;  the”Rock of Ages” movie opened and included KCDF alum Katie Schaar dancing and receiving an assistant choreographer credit; Friday’s “Today” show Justin Bieber concert inluded KCDF alum Kaili Bright as one of four back-up dancers; and KCDF alum Nick Florez and his partner RJ announced the opening of their new musical “SURF” on July 12th at the Planet Hollywood in Vegas as the creative team/choreographers for the show, assisted by Katie Schaar; Nick and RJ choreographed Katy Perry’s “Summer Dream” tour. Brooke Wendle just wrapped Adam Lambert’s world tour; and so many others are getting law degrees, becoming doctors or nurses, having beautiful babies, writing scripts, working in television, running magazines, and being parents! My love and respect go out to all of you and the wonderful adults you’ve become!! You validate dance in all areas of life!!   – Kitty Carter

Adult Jazz/Cardio and DCC Prep Classes Thursdays

7 Sep

Kitty’s famous Adult Jazz classes and DCC Prep classes begin on Thursday evening, mid September.

Get a fun workout with Jazz/Cardio on Thursdays from 7:15PM – 8:30PM

Jazz/Cardio is $20/class or buy a 5 classes punch card for just $80


Prepare for DCC/pom squads on  Thursdays from 8:30PM – 10PM

DCC/Pom Prep is $30/class or buy a 5 classes punch card for just $120

Conventions and Competitions

2 Sep
Convention and Competition season is upon us! Company members, be sure to sign up in the office to reserve your spot.
Hyatt Regency – Dallas, TX
Embassy Suites Hotel – Frisco, TX
Westin Park Cental – Dallas, TX
DFW Lakes Hilton – Grapevine, TX

Fall Classes Have Begun!

19 Aug

Our fall classes have begun but we will still enroll students during our regular office hours through November 1st. 


10 Jul

Our  Early Fall Registration is set for

Wednesday, July 2nd from 10AM to noon and 4pm-8pm


Sunday, August 10th from 10am-noon to 4pm-8pm

If unable to enroll during these times, we will enroll  students for fall classes during regular business hours through November 1st.

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Classes begin on Monday, August 18th.


25 Oct

17 Jul

Often imitated. Never duplicated.


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